About Us

This college has a N.C.C wing of one capacity under 1st Bengal Battalion N.C.C. and 1st Bengal Battalion is under Kol-C Group. It is mentioned that Kol-C group is one of the group out of six (Kol-B, Kol-C, Bardhaman, Khargapur, Kalyani, Darjeeling) under West Bengal & Sikkim Directorates. The 1st Bengal BN NCC is the oldest NCC unit under West Bengal & Sikkim Directorates which was raised on 15.03.1948. Initially Bangabasi Group of Colleges had only a single NCC unit under 1st Bengal BN NCC.When Bangabasi Evening College had its own N.C.C. unit, Colonels Dr. Gopal Chandra Das was the first Associate N.C.C. Officer (A.N.O.) of this college. He carried out his responsibilities with all accountability as a matter of fact; he was the pioneer in building N.C.C. unit in this college. However, due to his sudden and unfortunate demise, the position of A.N.O. remained vacant. This interim period was served by Sri. Chandi Das Kundu as caretaker. After this interim period Lieutenant Dr. Mahendra Rong took over the charge as A.N.O. and he has has been carrying out this responsibility to almost near perfection. This college has earned to such reputation that students of this college has participation in national level camp in each and every year without fail. Moreover, our N.C.C. students got job in many government sectors such as Indian Army, Indian Police Service, etc.


The total strength of our college NCC unit is 138 which is divided as

    • First year:            10 SW CADTS and 27 SD CADTS
    • Second Year:      4 SW CDTS and 54 SD CDTS
    • Third Year:          1 SW CDTS and 30 SD CDTS