From Principal's Desks

It is a great pleasure to announce that Bangabasi Evening College has opened Post Graduate Department of Mathematics from 2015-2016 Session. We have enrolled 27 Post graduate students for the first semester and have already registered them for the second semester after successful completion of the former. The College's mission is to provide students and faculty with an open environment that fosters professional and personal growth. The college’s three full-time dedicated Faculty members, along with six eminent Guest Lecturers in the Post Graduate Departmental environment makes a healthy mix of experience in teaching, research and practical experiences; all are devoted to teaching and professional development. The department is bestowed with faculty who are recognized nationally as well as internationally for their scholarly activities in their respective fields. There are many opportunities for students to work with our faculty to research activities. Our permanent and guest faculty, are engaged in active research, supervise doctoral dissertations; carry out funded research projects in specialized areas in the field of higher mathematics. Please feel free to contact the departmental coordinator with any questions about our Post Graduate degree programs and research and development activities.